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July 20, 2017

Art of wishing

This application can be genuinely used for wishing of any festival or event like New Year , Christmas, Easter , Holi, Diwali , Halloween , Valentines Day, Eid etc.
Wishing birthday with beautiful art to friends, wife, husband, parents, girlfriend, boyfriend would really be very impressive. One who loves to embrace something unique into their wishing, we have a option available now to express it.

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July 20, 2017

Go for pokymon

This Pokymon offline is strategic board game. Collecting all the Pokymon character from grounds is the goal of the game and not to get caught by Zombie.

There is a one Pokymon character in the ground in each level and a gate to exit also. With Pokymon character there is also one zombie character also in the ground. Each Zombie has his different feature of movement and speed of walking. When you move one step to catch Pokymon, Zombie also moves two step closer to you. Zombie only moves in hero direction.

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july 22, 2017

ATM with money

Single solution to all money related problems .No need to search around for ATMs having cash. Directly just go to the ATM having cash. This app provides the details of all the ATM’s nearby your location with “Money”, “No Money” and “Wait”.
Now it has become easier to find an ATM with cash with just a single click. Our wide range of ATMs at popular and strategic locations across the country helps ensure that you’re never too far away from money.

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january 28, 2017

Government Jobs

No need to search around for the all the Indian government exams , their schedules and results. Whole list of government exams is now available in just single application. You will get the latest government jobs updates here.
It helps you to search for new government exams and vacancies , their examination dates, schedules, syllabus and even your results.

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october 9, 2015

Gym finder

Green tea is a natural medicine which is used last thousands of years, mostly green tea farm in china which make you healthy, energetic and take away from diseases like blood pressure, sugar, heart attacks, cholesterol, diabetes, skin etc. It’s natural so everyone take it daily anytime, anywhere.
The green tea is one medicine of many diseases that’s why it is required.

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